What's your response?

Change is all around us, we see it in the seasons and we see it in ourselves.
Every birthday, new year’s celebrations or anniversary is an indication of the movement of time and with it comes change.

Change can affect us positively or negatively, we can embrace it or reject it, it could be quick or slow and we can initiate it or it can be imposed on us - Either way change will happen.

Interestingly enough, if we personally benefit from the change, then the feeling of change can be very pleasant e.g. If you win the lotto, changing your lifestyle to adapt to this new change can be quite exciting or when we initiate the change, such as getting fitter or losing weight, we can find the change to be quite motivational and therefor easily adapt to it.

Generally, when the change is slow it is almost effortless to adopt it and sometimes we don’t even realise how quickly we have adapted to it. However, when change is sudden or has been forced on us, we can feel as though we have no control over it and this can make us unhappy or frustrated, which ultimately causes us to resist the change.

The way we respond to change can depend on our Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

EQ,is a soft skill that consists of a range of basic skills that guide how we feel about ourselves, how we interact with people and how we handle changing situations. Both our social and personal skills are developed as a result of our Emotional Intelligence.
For example:

Social Proficiencies

Personal Proficiencies

  • Empathy – Being aware of others’ feelings and exhibiting compassion.
  • Intuition – An inner sense of the feelings of others.
  • Political Acumen – Ability to communicate (verbal & non-verbal) and influence with strong leadership and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Self-Management – Responsibility for one's own behaviour and well-being.
  • Self-Awareness - Understanding one’s own emotions. The ability to asses one’s self as well as display confidence.
  • Self-Regulation – Managing one’s emotions. Maintaining trustworthiness and flexibility.
  • Self-Motivation - Being optimistic about situations. Having the drive to take the initiative and commit until completion.

Take a moment and reflect on the above. What stands out for you?

Why not make a list of the skills that you would like to develop or introduce into your life today!

Stay safe and remaine awesone